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Orthotics For Mortons Neuroma

INX Mens Dress 3/4 For Morton\'s Neuroma
INX Mens Dress 3/4 For Morton's Neuroma


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Details: Our INX Custom Men's 3/4 Dress Orthotics For Morton's Neuroma are similar to the PC Men's Dress Orthotics For Morton's Neuroma but are designed for those who plan to move the orthotics between dress-tie oxfords and or loafers. The are the perfect orthotics for everyday dress shoes and moving from shoe to shoe, giving great shock absorption and ultimate control for all men’s dress shoes. Lightweight, non-skid and are made of high density polypropylene materials, have semi-rigid or rigid bio-mechanical control, are thin and lightweight offering amazing support without bulking your dress shoes. Lifetime warranty against breakage.

These orthotics feature customized metatarsal lifts built directly into the traverse arch, not in the toe box. This is the latest technology to elevate and spread the metatarsals at the surgical neck of the metatarsal bone, thereby giving you the relief you so desperately desire.

New Technology! Neuroma Offloading!

To ensure that we make you the best orthotics possible for your needs, please use our AskTheDr program or call : 888.353.7834 (USA) 858.598.5720 (INTL)

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Go ahead and place your order and rest assured that you are ordering the correct orthotics for your needs. After placing your order, one of our Doctors will contact you to discuss your needs as well as to discuss the proper casting of your feet! 

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Ask about our new Memory Foam Top Covers at No Additional Charge.

We realize that you have a number of choices regarding your personal orthotic needs. If you're not sure which orthotics are best for you simply fill out our Orthotics Profile. You can also contact us via Live Help, e-mail, or Ask The Doctor and one our Orthotics Experts will call you directly. We care about your needs.

Regular Price: $499.00

- Great for Plantar Fasciitis
- Great for Morton's Neuroma
- Eliminates Foot Pain
- Eliminates Excessive Pronation
- Super Lightweight
- Super Thin
- Soft Poron Full Length Top Covering

List of Benefits Available
- Met Pads
- Heel Pads
- Heel Spur Pads
- Plantar Fascia Groove
- Morton's Extension
- Pocket Met Heads
- Heel Cup Depth
- Custom Top Covers

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Why Buy 2 Pair? Because Dress Orthotics are specifically designed for your dress shoes.

Can be customized for 2 different people.

How Do We Custom-Fit Your New Orthotics?

Upon placing your order, one of our orthotic specialists will call you to discuss your orthotic needs. This is the professional approach needed to assess the Best orthotic for your needs. We carry all the latest composite materials. We prescribe foot orthotics for Orthopedists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists worldwide.

We will then send you a Foot Impression Kit and Profile. The Doctors' Orthotics™ Kit is easy to use. It comes with complete, easy to follow instructions. You make your instant foot impressions, place them in the convenient postage-paid kit, and send them to our laboratory. Your order form and foot impression will be carefully evaluated. Our trained technicians will then prepare your orthotics. We'll rush them to you and you'll be on your way to an exciting new experience in foot comfort. That's all there is to it! Doctors' Orthotics does all the rest to provide you with custom mold-fitted Doctors' Orthotics™ direct from the laboratory.